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Xandari Harbour – Cochin

In the heart of Fort Cochin’s spice trading district, Mattanchery, we have respectfully restored this historic waterfront merchant’s property. Our guest rooms and suites pay tribute to the history of the location and India’s contemporary aesthetic.

The waterfront restaurant, likewise, looks at the multi-cultural influences on the Malabar foodways, updated for modern tastes. There is no better location from which to explore historic Fort Cochin.

Situated on Bazar Road, where art galleries and cafes now neighbour bustling warehouses of pepper, cinnamon and cardamom.

16 guest rooms offer intimate experience of the location. The suite facing Cochin Harbour is unrivaled in Kerala. Another suite offers the quintessential view of Bazar Road, from an elevated perspective, as well as views of the harbour. Four waterfront rooms offer spectacular views across the harbour, two with extended patio to the water’s edge. Among the other 10 rooms, four at ground level have private gardens and those on the first floor have large picture windows with diagonal views to the harbour and three with views onto Bazar Road. All rooms pay tribute to Kerala’s spice-trading history as well as India’s contemporary aesthetic.

Their signature restaurant – Restaurant 51 – serves hotel guests and the wider metropolitan community, with a 2-story waterfront view. The fresh look at Malabar cuisine reflects Kerala’s spice trade history. The lounge offers a living room atmosphere for conversation, backgammon or chess.