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Why With Us

Not just tour programmes, but well researched knowledge based experiential travel, is what Indian Frontiers provides to its guests, well packaged into thematic tours, our tours have been designed after series of EXPERIENCES and a lot of EXPERIMENTING has been done by our research teams on destinations, products and services, before they are offered to our guests.

Indian Frontiers is a premier service-oriented, high-end travel company, that offers limited private tours every year to maintain a high degree of satisfaction index for its clients. At Indian Frontiers, we do not encourage volumes in our business, and consciously restrict to just 24 operations a year. This ensures that we deliver each of our programme with a personal touch, while each guest with Indian Frontiers is sure to be attended to personally at each level and at each destination. Our programmes, whether tailor-made or ready-made have enough room for last minute alterations to suit the individual needs of our guests.

We at Indian Frontiers, put our clients first and care about people and their quest for knowledge. Holidays at Indian Frontiers are not just fun filled vacations, rather they are learning experiences.  Our travel consultants are drawn from diverse fields, so as to help you plan your itinerary in their own area of specialisation, for eg. a wild life enthusiast or a naturalist will plan your wildlife tour or a seasoned chef will do a culinary tour for you and so on.

We try to exceed the expectation of every traveller who travels with us by providing a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’.…‘every time’.