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What and Where to Shop in Kerala?

All the shopaholics have reasons good enough to visit Kerala. Whether it is about ornaments with Midas touch, fabrics that unfold thousand stories or the exotic antiques made of wood, the shopping trail to Kerala will be a true delight. Indian Frontiers takes you to a journey in Kerala, a South Indian State which is termed as a shopper’s paradise and satisfies your quest about what to shop for in Kerala.





Elegance Woven by Tradition (Kerala Hand loom):

Otherwise a little known place, Balarampuram in the capital city of Kerala called Thiruvanthapuram, is a hub of handloom. Every morning this sleepy village wakes up to the rhythm of looms. Balarampuram has 5100 looms that weave a new life into the age-old, precious traditions of Kerala. Yes! The world goes gaga over the finest possible cotton yarns of Kerala. It is elegant, light, eco-friendly and has evolved as a unique fashion statement.




What makes it unique?


  • Made up of coiling gold plated silver wire around the cotton core, this significant embroidery in sarees make them look stunningly beautiful
  • The finest possible cotton yarn which has no parallel drawn.
  • Intricate and meticulously done embroidery and unique designs.
  • The simplest elegance.
  • These sarees have IPR protection through the Geographical Indication.



What can you buy?

  • Kasaragod sarees
  • Kuthampully sarees
  • Chennamangalam sarees

Sarees are known as mundu in Kerala. You will get sarees for women and dhothi (half draped sarees and worn below the shirts) for men.



Where do you buy?

Recommended Shops in Balarmapuram and Thiruvananthapuram:

Hanveev, Hantex and other textile showrooms

Recommended Shops in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi

Karalkada & Kasavukada and FabIndia outlet

You can buy these from:

Culture Shoppe or Kerala Tourism’s official agency.

All That Glitters is Kerala’s Gold!

It’s all 22 carat gold!

Kerala’s love affair with gold began with ancient spice trade. There was a time when merchants used to exchange gold in turn of spices and years later, the precious yellow metal has become one of the most saleable items in India. Kerala gold has become synonymous with purity. From traditional to being trendy, Kerala’s gold has undergone a sea change and fits every occasion and suit every budget.





What makes them unique?

  • Unique designs inspired by nature. You will find all sorts of designs like flowers, parrots, leafs, mangoes or whatever you can think of possibly.
  • Purity is rest assured.


What can you buy?

There are so many traditional delights which you can lay hands on :-.

  • Kasu mala
  • Palakka mala
  • Ela mala
  • Mullamottu
  • Poothaali


Where do you buy?

Shops in Thiruvanathapuram

All the shops on M.G Road, East Fort, Kochi, Thrissur-High Road, Palace Road, Swaraj Rpound, Mavoor Road, MP Road Palayam.

Enchantment crafted by Heritage (Kerala Handicrafts)

In the quiet village called Aranmula located on the banks of River Pamba in Panthanamthitta district, there is a family which conjures magic out of metal. They are believed to make use of a secret combination of metals for preparing handicrafts and the descendants of the family is still following the age-old tradition of their forefathers. The metal mirrors made by them are polished for a couple of days so that it can have a highly reflective surface. Mirrors are known as kannadi in Kerala.

Apart from Kannadi, there are several handicraft items which exhibit the highest level of craftsmanship like Nettur Peti or ethnic jewel box made of rosewood. The ornamentation of this box is inspired by the temple architecture of Kerala. This exotic box is used for storing the make-up items that are used in Kathakali. Every jaw, joint and screw of this box is shaped and chiseled by hand.

What makes handicrafts unique?

  • The unique metallurgy
  • The highest level of craftsmanship
  • Excellent design


Where can you buy them?

SMSM Institute, Thiruvanthapuram, Showrooms of Kairali handicrafts, Khadi Gramodhyog and  Hasthakala.

Wonderfully Natural (Eco-products)

Kerala is blessed with natural beauty and the artisans here leave no stone unturned to create extraordinarily unique eco-products from cane, bamboo and coir. Indeed nature based products have always been the part of daily life in Kerala. They all are of high artistic value and utility.





 What makes them unique?

  • Their high utility. (You will find baskets, bags, flower-vases and similar other utility items.)
  • Intricate craftsmanship
  • Eco-friendly nature’


Where can you buy them?

Surabhi (Kerala State Handicrafts Apex Co-operative Society), kairali and Coir Board showrooms.

You can choose to shop for these hidden treasure in Kerala with us.