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Trinity – Cochin

Facing the Parade ground is a large gate with the initials VOC. The monogram, which is dated 1740, represents the once mighty Dutch East India Company, which had its offices here for almost 150 years. Contrasting this, the gate leads to an eight suite trinity with three suite contemporary design inset in an old building. Trinity is located opposite St. Francis Church in the heart of historical Fort Cochin. It is a two minute walk from The Malabar House and 45 km from Cochin Airport.

Soumitro Ghosh designed and produced a very contemporary setting. Within this space we created a unique ambience showcasing the best of contemporary Indian design & art and antique furniture. The suites encircle a common hall. Trinity guests can avail all facilities of The Malabar House including the restaurant service for lunch & dinner.

The red room, the largest room, has M.F. Hussain; The blue room has an open ‘garden’ bathroom and contemporary Indian art; while the yellow room has a separate dressing area, contemporary tribal art and photographs decorating its walls.