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Our Tours Exclude

At Indian Frontiers ideally we have a common cost inclusion and exclusion policy, where all our tours include certain cost heads, while some are not included. We do not surprise our guests with extra costs or premiums, unless it becomes impossible to absorb abrupt changes in the cost due to change in the itinerary or service inclusions or may be some abrupt change in costs by intermediaries, such as airlines, hotels, transport etc. In all our tours we try and give some free time and own meals to our guests to experience the local flavour, except in some special kind of tours that take our guests into remote areas with little or no access to proper outside meals, transport etc., apart from our special arrangements. Such circumstances arise when one stays in remote areas, the higher reaches of mountains or wildlife parks etc.

International flights from origin to India and back

Our tours do not include the cost of international flights, except of course if the bordering countries of Nepal and Bhutan are a part of the tour. You may book your own tickets to and from India, while the internal travel is included in the tour cost. This gives you a leverage to get the best deal on the international flight and plan your flight to India with a possible stop-over anywhere in between that you wish to include as a part of your Asia travel.

Any expenses of personal nature such as laundry, telephones, tips, beverages, smokes etc.

Usually these expenses cannot be accounted for and are totally personal in nature. Thus in any of our tours these are not included. Though there may be an all inclusive tour, where all this may be included.

Insurance is not included in the tour costs

Insurance too is not included in any of our tours, except for the regular insurance that is bundled with the use of tourist transport in case of any mishaps. We recommend you choose an insurance company that provides a comprehensive travel insurance plan and keeps you at ease while you enjoy your holiday in India.

Visa fee is not included in the cost above

Visa fee to India, Nepal & Bhutan are not a part of the tour cost and we do not include it in the tour cost. (Information on Indian Visa


(We recommend you see the Tour Dossier to know exactly what all will not be included in your chosen programme)