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The Serai Bandipur – Bandipur National Park (Karnataka)

The Bandipur National Park is part of the massive Nilgiri biosphere, home to some of the most endangered species of wild life, the majestic tiger being its poster child. Watered by 4 rivers – the Moyar, Kabini Moolehole and Nugu, Bandipur is an area so close to nature and its creatures that venture into its heart is one of the most beautiful you could ever set upon, and to actually stay overnight, under the canopy of stars, is in one word-unforgettable.

You have a choice from among 18 Mountain View Courtyard, 4 Mountain View Log Hut and 2 The Residence. All this sprawled across 18 acres of land with trees growing abundantly, and leaf-imprinted pathways in between. The other half of our land is fenced off for your neighbours of the wild.

Omã, Sanskrit for life-giver, is our exclusive spa. And our massages and wraps do send our guests back feeling much more alive than before. Our signature therapies, made from the purest botanical extracts soothe, relax, invigorate, and draw the tension out of each muscle, ever so slowly. Ancient Eastern remedies and the latest Western ones – Swedish or Ayurvedic or Reflexology – they combine under trained fingers to ease the toxins right out of your body.