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Shreyas – Bangalore

Shreyas Yoga Retreat represents simple luxury, elegance and a secluded haven of tranquility. Set in 25-acres of greenery and frangipani gardens, a maximum of 20 guests are lovingly cared for by staff, teachers and therapists, who all practice Yoga as part of their daily lives.

Shreyas endeavours to guide you on your journey of self discovery, by providing a space for reflection & introspection, yogic processes to heal and strengthen the body as well as connect with your inner self, and the opportunity to nourish body, mind and soul.

Shreyas Yoga Retreat offers authentic, personalised Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga to all guests, irrespective of age, experience or faith. Shreyas enables guests to integrate the manifold facets and benefits of Yoga (Meditation, Pranayama, deep relaxation, Yogic kriyas and more) into their daily lives without the austerity and rigour usually associated with yoga ashrams.

Their Rejuvenation Spa is simple; yet it has been rated as one of the finest Spa in India & offers a wide range of Ayurvedic therapies, relaxing massages & organic scrubs and masks freshly prepared from their organic gardens. They are member of the Relais & Chateaux group that adheres strictly to being vegetarian and having a strict policy of ‘no alcohol/smoking’ respecting the tradition of Yoga..

Yoga and Meditation Hall : Open spacious hall is surrounded by trees and greenery; it has been built for you to feel one with nature as you practice yoga and meditation. With trees and greenery surrounding you, the sound of birds to accompany your breath, flowers to fix your gaze or “dristi” upon and the sun to warm your face as you lie down in “savasana” –  this hall brings positive energy to the yoga class. Practicing yoga or meditation in this space is sure to enhance your practice and take it to deeper levels.

Machans and Meditation huts : It is often difficult to forget the outside world and to completely relax, even when one is on holiday. At Shreyas you can experience peace from the moment you enter its gates. By silencing the chaotic noise of the outside world, we are able to look inwards and hear and connect to our inner voice. Quiet places across 25 acres of greenery for the guests to commune with nature and spend time in quiet contemplation. The two machans, tucked away in our organic garden are ideal places to connect with nature, to relax with a good book or take some time to stop and meditate. The Meditation machan is surrounded by coconut and chickoo trees and is the perfect for daily sound and chanting classes. The birds love the chickoo trees and their beautiful song is often the accompaniment to chanting and the focus of meditation.

Open-air amphitheatre : Amphitheater seems to emerge from the nature around it – the steps leading to the center are bordered by lush grass and trees hover around its edge, their branches opening up to the sky giving us glimpses of the stars and the moon. The stage area is surrounded by water and during evening performances, flower petals and diyas float on its surface; the steps are lit with small lanterns and bonfires. This performance spot is often used for evening classical dances or musical performances.

Library : Guests can browse through a variety of books on different topics – yoga, spirituality, Ayurveda, Indian philosophy, fiction and non-fiction. They have a selection of both Indian and Western authors and perspectives. During your stay at Shreyas you may develop curiosity about different aspects of yoga, India or Indian philosophy – the library has been built to answer these queries. If the books are not available, they attempt to obtain them for their guests. It also has a large collection of lighter fiction for those looking for casual reading.
Attached to the library is a comfortable, peaceful sitting room for guests to relax, read and browse. You may also borrow a book during your stay here.