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Sher Bagh – Ranthambore

The family that runs and manages Sher Bagh has played an active part in the conservation effort at Ranthambhore since 1974, and continues to do so since the last 40 years. They have witnessed regeneration, a life cycle of the wild in motion and evolved with the changing narrative of this magical land.

Designed on the 1920’s safari accommodations preferred by Princes and Grand Seigneurs of the time, each of 12 luxury tent at Sher Bagh is furnished with 19th century “Campaign Style” furniture. Sher Bagh is a pioneering camp of 12 luxurious tents nestling in verdure, on the borders of the world renowned Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve.

In the winter of 1974, when Tejbir and Malvika Singh pitched camp under the great Banyan Tree at Jogi Mahal, tourism was unheard of in the area, and the game, including Tigers, elusive and largely nocturnal. They could not have known on that first visit how Ranthambhore would go on to become the finest habitat in the world to observe, film and photograph Tigers and the role they would play in choreographing this development under the dynamic “Tigerman” who became part of the family, as did they to his, the late Fateh Singh Rathore.

A quarter of a century later, Tejbir and Malvika’s son Jaisal, who grew up in Ranthambhore established Sher Bagh, a pioneering luxury tented camp, on the family estate bordering the Tiger Reserve. The estate itself, when bought in the 1980’s was barren land, devoid of any vegetation; completely and utterly degraded. Today, with much care and meticulous attention over the years, it is a healthy forest with thousands of trees, grasses and other indigenous flora. The area attracts over 100 species of birds, including rarely seen raptors and nearly every mammal that inhabits the forests of Ranthambhore.


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