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Reni Pani Jungle Lodge – Sohagpur (MP)

Reni Pani Jungle Lodge, located in a pristine forest typical of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, gets its interesting name from a neighbouring tribal village. Reni Pani features twelve luxury cottages encompassing three distinct architectural designs. The nallah units, the forest units and the hill units are all built using local / indigenous material and are characterized by viewing decks, large lounging bay-windows and luxury bathrooms. The ‘Gol Ghar’ or the meeting place, has a fascinating and unique design and features a dining area, a bar, a library and a lounge set in its various corners.

Reni Pani’s seasonal nallah, stretch of teak, rugged hillocks and gauges are an accurate representation of terrain one should expect in the Satpura Tiger Reserve. Its true forest environment coupled with neighbouring patches of agricultural land make Reni Pani and its surrounding areas a hot bed for animals like Sambhar, Cheetal, Nilgai, Wild Boar, Barking Deer, Black Buck and occasionally for their cunning predator the Leopard. The abundance of Reni Trees (a type of berry after which the lodge and village are named after) and other berry trees, also attract a number of Sloth Bears to Reni Pani. The lodge is also rich with bird life. The ideal conditions Reni Pani offers as a result of the maintenance of a completely natural habitat, attracts several bird species that are native to the locality.

Reni Pani has in store a vividly sensational and unique offering for the wildlife enthusiast, the discerning traveller, the casual tourist and even those seeking an action packed getaway. The experience here is spectacular; game viewing is possible by jeep, jungle walks, elephant safaris and by boat, enabling patrons to enjoy the diversity of the adjoining Satpura Tiger Reserve.

The Satpura Tiger Reserve is an amalgamation of the Satpura National Park, the Bori Wild Life Sanctuary & the Pachmarhi Sanctuary. This prime wildlife habitat is relatively unknown & is rightly believed to be one of India’s best kept secrets. Here, patrons can explore true wilderness without the crowds. The park offers a diverse & unique range of activities. Apart from Jeep, Elephant & Boat Safaris, Satpura is the only park of its kind in Central India that offers Walking Safaris, giving enthusiasts a ‘one of a kind’ opportunity to explore tiger country on foot. You are likely to sight Leopards, Sloth Bear, Indian Wild Dogs, hordes of Indian Gaur, Sambhar plus other herbivores found in Central India & if lucky the magnificent Tiger. Satpura is also the Northern most range of the Malabar Giant Squirrel. The sheer diversity of animals, the presence of several bird species, numerous species of endemic butterflies & the luxury of exploring this 1,500 square km expanse of classic Central Indian wildlife habitat in so many different ways make Satpura a wildlife enthusiast’s paradise.

Individual cottages are located along Reni Pani’s seasonal nallah (Nallah Units), in its forest (Forest Units) and at the top of the hill (Hill Units). There are six nallah units that are all located along the seasonal stream that runs through the lodge. Each nallah unit has a spacious deck with a brilliant view of the nallah and the forest. These rooms feature lavish bathrooms with running hot water and an outdoor shower.

The four forest units are located in the woods across the nallah. These rooms have an interestingly different design. The rooms feature a large deck, on the roof of the bathroom, which is accessible by a staircase running within the room. These rooms are also fitted with all luxury amenities and guests can pamper themselves with hot pressure showers after their activity-filled day. The hill units, which are probably the finest rooms here, are located on the highest point of Reni Pani’s hillock. The decks of these rooms have a spectacular canopy view of the forest leading to the Satpura Tiger Reserve, with the Satpura Range of Hills in the background. The hill units also feature a well equipped bathroom with an outdoor shower which has the same view as the deck. All rooms feature large bay-windows that give an excellent feel, keeping guests close to the surroundings outside.