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Ranvas – Nagaur

Within the magnificent Ahhichatragarh Fort, also known as Nagaur Fort, lies the 18th century residences of the sixteen ranis of Maharaja Bakhat Singh of Jodhpur. Part of an ambitious 20 year plan to restore the Fort, they’ve been meticulously revived to offer elegant and inviting accommodation.

Now one of the most well preserved queenly residences in India, Ranvas is a heritage property in the purest sense, giving its guests the chance to experience a living legacy and a regal residence from which to explore Ahhichatragarh. During the 18th century, Bakhat Singh, the ruling maharaja of the time, sought to create a refuge from the external troubles of warfare and politics. The result was a pleasure palace which, still today, awakens the senses through its art and aesthetics – from the sound of fountains and peacocks to the sight of vivid fresco paintings and perfectly constructed geometric gardens. Each of the ten refurbished havelis has been named after one of the ranis and has two or three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a private courtyard. The suites on the first floor open on to a private terrace.

At present Ranvas comprises 27 rooms in total, a swimming pool and two charming restaurants. Rooms are spread through 10 havelis. Each haveli has two or three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and a private courtyard.

For dining enjoy Mughal Sufi cuisine inspired by the ranis’ kitchens and an à la carte menu served at the indoor restaurant. The many pillared outdoor Bardari is the all day dining pavilion and serves both Indian and world cuisine. The indoor restaurant also functions as a conference room.

Relax by the swimming pool or in the lounge. Tours of the museum, palaces and halls in the Ahhichitaragarh Fort reveal a fascinating history and art heritage, having been expertly restored. Visit to nearby temples, walk on the ramparts or stroll around the gardens. Excursions to Nagaur town and the surrounding desert by camel, horse-back or car include sampling crafts at the local bazaar. Special Events The annual Nagaur Cattle Fair in January/February is a photographer’s delight. Each year, the Sufi Spirit Music Festival is a magnificent fusion of cultural heritage and spiritual fervour.

World Sufi Spirit Festival…

The prestigious and historic sites of Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur and Ahhichatragarh Fort in Nagaur open their doors each year to an extraordinary and sacred musical experience. Lit by the sparkling incandescence of a thousand candles, magnificent, hereditary spiritual arts take you on a journey, showcasing the origins of inspiring and meaningful traditions from all around the world. In dance, music and song, treasures of the Indian culture from Rajasthan to Kerala, nomadic poetry of the Silk Route from Kazakhstan to Afghanistan and Sufi rituals from Turkey and Egypt reveal themselves. The World Sufi Spirit Festival is an unforgettable experience in a truly magical setting.