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Prince George & Princess Mary’s India Tour

Prince George & Princess Mary’s India Tour (Tour Code: IN/New-incomplete) – Her Majesty Queen Victoria realised the importance of diplomatic visits and wanted the royal family to understand and get close to the territories under the crown. Beginning 1870s she took the imitative of sending members of the family for long visits to the empire. Following this tradition was the visit of Prince & Princess of Wales, Prince George and Princess Mary. In 1905-06, the Prince & Princess of Wales, George Frederick Ernest Albert and Victoria Mary Augusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine Agnes (later coroneted as King George V & Queen Mary). Major part of this visit in India (including today’s Pakistan) was by train and included Burma in it too. This royal visit is known to be the grandest of the tours from Victorian times, and all other visits before and after this were minuscule in comparison. On this longish tour we visit all the places that Prince George & Princess Mary did on their tour to India in 1905-06, though not following the similar route, as a lot of it has changed since and technically we stick to logical new route, omitting places now in Pakistan and Burma.



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