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Prince Albert Edward’s India Tour

Prince Albert Edward’s India Tour (Tour Code: IN/New-incomplete) – Prince Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later became King Edward – VII), the eldest son of Her Majesty Queen Victoria visited India (of course along with Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal) in 1875, covering twenty one cities. The reason of this royal visit was simply to connect better, more intricately and to learn about the history, culture and people of the empire. Prince Edward forged diplomatic relations with Indian rulers and attended banquets held in his honour when in India. Edward was so very eagerly looking forward to this visit that upon docking in Bombay (now Mumbai) he said, it had long been the dream of his life to visit India. On this longish tour we visit all the places that Prince Edward did on his tour to India in 1875-76, though not following the similar route, as a lot of it has changed since and technically we stick to logical new route, omitting Lahore, which now is a part of Pakistan.



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