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Off-the-grid Getaways

Indian Mutiny

Snorkelling on secluded reefs, vegan farming on a private farm, or pitching a tent by a high-altitude lake… the desire to go off the beaten path on holidays is getting bigger…

It could be either cutting off oneself from the electricity grid and living on solar or hydro power or simply driving to an unexplored hideout with no screens or wi-fi access to interfere with your idyllic vacation. Here are the places where you could holiday off the grid in India…


Sunbathe on pristine-white sand beaches, hunt for seashells and swim in the warm sea. Aquatic enthusiasts could take a dip and get `up close and personal’ with some of the world’s rarest underwater marine life including schools of dolphins, sharks and manta rays in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. For an out-of-the-ordinary experience, one could head to  Little Andaman Island in a helicopter, hike through tropical wilderness to cool waterfalls, or visit the  remote Long Island, a tiny speck in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, which is about a 1,000 km off the Indian coast in the Bay of Bengal. It is a six hour boat ride from the capital of the union territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair. The jet-propelled ride to the island offers a view of thick groves of mangroves. A similar boat ride can be experienced to another place called Baratang Island which is located 100 km away from Port Blair.


A genuine detour from monotony, life in Sadhana forest of Auroville in Puducherry (also known as Pondicherry) is truly fulfilling! An international volunteer community lives in the forest in eco-huts and relies entirely on solar and windmill for energy needs. Their eco-friendly way of life also includes veganism, alternative constructions, biodegradable toiletries, recycling and food composting, riding bicycles, composting toilets and purchase of local, organic foods whenever possible. They have been working on restoring indigenous topical pines on the land to help curb erosion, anchor soil and save water. One can stay here in exchange for some volunteer work on the organic farm, chipping in for cooking meals, or maintaining the solar panels.


Solar-powered LED lights, natural ventilation and homegrown supplies define this little gem tucked away in the Western Ghats on the border of Goa and Karnataka. Off The Grid, as it is called, is not connected to any supplies of utilities like electricity, water, the internet, or phones. Run by whitewater specialist John Pollard and his wife Sylvia Kerkar, a pottery artist, the place is eco-friendly, small, organic, rustic and lowly polluted. Be it trekking, a day trip to waterfalls, or night safaris, the place serves as a perfect noise-free destination.  As the region is not connected to various supplies, travellers have to get around to various technologies of cooking over fire, building structures using mud, hay, and more.


Anyone who has been to Spiti knows how off the grid it can get. One comes across not only high-altitude monasteries and nunneries, but also elusive wildlife, flora and fauna in an untouched land!  Closest to Chandratal, a high-altitude lake in Spiti, the only habitation point located for camping is Batal. In fact, camping in Spiti can be a true off-grid experience with only a starry sky for lighting and river water for cooking and drinking. A similar off the grid experience associated with Spiti can be had in journeying with a volunteer organization, Ecosphere, which helps the deprived villages in the area run on wind solar hybrid power! Next, one can enjoy yak safaris and can rejoice in, also, traditional theater of the wandering lamas.