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Mool Sagar Camp – Jaisalmer

Built in the 18th century, The Royal Camp at Mool Sagar is located at a short distance from Jaisalmer. Mool Sagar Camp is an oasis in the red desert of India’s north-west state of Rajasthan. The Hill Fort of Jaisal is a true royal pleasure garden and is set up with delicate stone pavilions and fountains, providing an exquisite setting for the luxurious Royal Jodhpur Tents.

Accommodation: There are eighteen spacious tents, handmade by traditional artisans, recreate the early 20th century camps of the Jodhpur Maharajas, but with 21st century amenities. Each tent has attached bathroom with hot and cold running water, a private verandah, and is air-conditioned. Mool Sagar welcomes its guest through the mehtab bagh (moonlit garden) of fragrant white flowers.

Dining: The delicacies can be enjoyed in the carved pavilions.

Activities: One can visit the havelis and the museum. A swimming pool, shop, and small business center are on site, and desert dune trips and camel safaris are also arranged. It offers a rare opportunity to step into the lavishness of life, where splendid gardens provide a backdrop to music and dance.

Location: Mool Sagar Camp is located at a distance of just 9 km (6 miles) from the legendary fort of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.