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Marari Beach Resort – Marari

Marari Beach, you’ll find, is the one place where you can unwind completely, without the trying bit. You can’t watch TV to relax, for example. There isn’t one in your room. You can’t plunge into a whirl of holiday activities like surfboarding or beach parties. They have thoughtfully left all that stuff off the schedule. Instead,  they encourage a completely aimless walk on a path strewn with wildflowers? Or an hour spent with a Monarch butterfly? Or a glowing afternoon on a near-empty beach, watching the waves change colour?

Marari is not merely an antidote to stress. It’s a cure for that other vexing holiday problem: Trying to Take it Easy. Because here, you can throw away the to do list and be free. With no effort at all.

For millennia, the fisher folks of Mararikulam have lived in accord with the land and the ocean. It is this harmonious way of life that served as inspiration for Marari Beach. From the palm thatch roofs to our rigorous eco-practices, to even the little taps outside your hut, you’ll find constant echoes of Malabar’s coastal cultures.

The Marari culinary journey is as multi-layered and subtle as one of our curries. The foundation is, of course the fruits of the ocean. Fresh fish and shellfish -crafted into an endless array of possibilities.The next layer is just-picked produce from our own organic farm. The final accents? Fresh ground coconut and aromatic spices from the mountains. Wars were once fought over these, and a spoonful or two of their signature fish dishes will amply confirm why.