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La Villa – Pondicherry

La Villa is located in the heart of the old quarter of Pondicherry called ‘the white town’, at walking distance from the main attractions.

Respecting the heritage of its colonial architecture, inspired by its Pondicherien past, the original walls of the ground floor converse with the immaculate white walls, teak wood, and glass and metal of the new extension.  A second birth has been given to ancient materials and techniques like centuries-year-old bricks, lime plaster, colour cement flooring, and hand made tiles from the villages of Tamil Nadu as well as local granite. Old wood from levelled houses has been reused to create elegant contemporary furniture and local handicrafts are combined with the most luxurious and sophisticated western design.

Avoiding the false interpretation of the city’s heritage and the mistakes of the modern developed world, the local environment has been treated as an ally, not as an enemy. This challenge has been enthusiastically taken up by French architects Tina Trigala and Yves Lesprit to create a unique hotel in south India with a phantasmagorical and timeless atmosphere, so old, so modern, so fresh, so rare.

An invitation to experience a sweet rhythm of life…

This 19th century manor provides all the facilities of a boutique hotel, featuring six suites, a swimming pool, a restaurant and an ‘Idea’ shop where you will find LA VILLA branded items.

Each suite has its own atmosphere. The use of noble and natural materials like precious wood, fabrics, silver cutlery, fine porcelain along with a distinctive sense of colour and detail draws you into the atmosphere of poetic intimacy and non-ostentatious luxury.

Your mood will determine where you want to have your relaxing breakfast: in your room, near the pool or in the garden.