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Heritage Madurai – Madurai

Heritage Madurai rings with historic charm that echoes in every hallway and every room. Lounge by the Olympic-sized temple tank pool, or luxuriate in a plunge pool in your own private villa. Dine under a 200 year old banyan tree, serenaded by bird calls while enjoying the perfect meal prepared by your own personal chef, perfectly tempered to your particular taste buds. Take a leisurely ‘historic’ walk through the corridors where every stone has a story to tell. There is more to Heritage Madurai.

Restoration of the Madurai Club was fittingly awarded to Bawa’s disciple, Sri Lankan architect and prodigy Vinod Jayasinghe. Maintaining Bawa’s unique style and most of the material he had used, Jayasinghe restored the resort to its former glory, along with the addition of modern conveniences. Leaving his own personal stamp on the project, Jayasinghe, in addition to personal courtyards and enclosed plunge pools in every villa, added an Olympic-sized, temple tank styled pool. Today, Heritage Madurai comprises 72 rooms including 35 villas. The old colonial bungalows have been refurbished maintaining that traditional South Indian flavor, only found in Madurai.

The story began with Madura Coats looking for a prospective buyer to take over the Madurai Club. When the news reached the ears of Mr. S. Thiagarajan, CEO of the Indian Green Grid Group (formerly known as ETL Infrastructure Limited), he was immediately interested. Scion of a well known business family that hailed from Madurai, he was only too aware of the property’s historical and architectural value. Unable to bear the thought of this venerable property being taken over by an insensitive developer and turned into soul-less high-rises, Mr. Thiagarajan decided to purchase the property and restore the Madurai Club to its former glory.

While the emphasis lay on building an environment-friendly ‘green’ Resort, he also ensured that the property’s historical value was carefully preserved. Thus, the first venture into Hospitality sector was initiated through an association with Aitken Spence, Sri Lanka, and a separate company, ETL Hospitality Services Limited, was formed . Later in the year 2010, the company was re-christened as Grand Luxe Hotels Limited to manage and market Heritage Madurai and accelerate the growth of the Hospitality Division by adding two more hotels in Pudukottai and Coimbatore.

The original palace of the Queen spread over 3.5 acres located in the heart of Pudukottai will soon be renovated and refurbished with five star comforts. When completed, this Hotel will have a complement of 27 rooms and will retain the palace’s colonial elements and also showcase the rich heritage and culture of South India. The hotel at Coimbatore will be a combination of a luxury mall displaying global brands, a Multiplex and a business hotel combining the luxury, comforts and conveniences for a discerning business traveler. This 120-room Hotel will be in close proximity of the business centre and the Airport. The Hotel will also have a Resto-Bar and a multi-cuisine restaurant with banqueting facilities.

Rooms & Dining

Luxury Villas are a throwback to a bygone era, wood and granite flooring are tastefully combined with elegant furniture and modern facilities, wrapping you and your loved ones in a blanket of luxury. Turn your back on the outside world and gaze at your own personal courtyard where blossom laden frangipani trees stand guard over your personal plunge pool. A surprisingly spacious facility that offers a refreshing and novel experience.

Geoffery Bawa Rooms are where can you chance upon a welcoming space that is more suggestive of a suite? These spacious rooms have a light and airy ambiance yet cosset you in lavish comfort.

Deluxe Club Rooms : Maintaining a finesse that is quintessentially ‘Heritage’, these modern rooms surprise you with terracotta flooring and traditional ambience.

What makes Heritage Madurai especially distinctive is the personal attention you receive in every aspect of your stay. In tune with the tradition of south Indian hospitality, a host of attentive staff cater to your every whim. A legion of gifted chefs, stand at the ready to tempt your palate: from simple healthy fare to a feast fit for a king.