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Ganesh Bagh

Ganesh Bagh, situated around 11 km from Chitrakoot on Allahabad-Chitrakoot Road, is one of the most visited gardens. It was built by the Peshwa King, Vinayak Rao, and was probably used as a summer retreat for royal sporting activities in the early 1800.

The main attraction in this garden is an exquisitely carved Shiva Temple, locally known as the Ganesha Bagh Mandir. The finely engraved dome with erotic figures shows resemblance with the temples in Khajuraho. There is an open porch in the temple that leads into a huge water tank having steps on all four sides. There is a seven storied well, locally known as baoli, which is another attraction of this garden. The well has a flight of steps leading to water.

Also, in the vicinity of this garden is the ruin of Peshwa’s residential palace with some parts of this three floored building partly immersed in water. However, some of the archways and corridors are still intact reliving an olden grandeur era.

Situated in the suburbs of Karwi town near Siddhapur, Ganesh Bagh is easily reachable and while visiting this place, one can also visit Ramghat and Janaki Kund, which is located nearby.