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Frontier Mail is a shared blog of Indian Frontiers that contains interesting articles, write-ups, features and information that may or may not belong to us. This may be picked up from the public domain or published by someone on the internet, in some news paper, magazine or in a book. We in that case hold no copyright over the contents published in Frontier Mail, as they then are the property of their respective owners or publishers. In some of the articles published in this blog, we have acknowledged the original owner or publisher or the medium from which we took this. Frontier Mail greatly respects intellectual property, and every effort is made to give due credit the writer or the publisher or at times the source of the article used in this blog, yet if you are the copyright owner of any article posted here and feel that you have not been given a due credit or that you wish to remove your article from this blog/site, please do write to us with basic evidence and we will post credits or immediately remove the material, according to your wishes. Happy Reading !!!

  • Oh Kolkata ! – India’s stomach

    After arguments over the Kolkata’s famous and much famed Rosogolla simmered down soon there are arguments over the delicate and fragrant Biryani, and it would not be wrong to say that what Kolkata relishes today it might soon be recognized nationwide. Agreed that Mumbai is the financial capital of India but truly Kolkata is its […]

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  • Charles Allen’s days in India

    He loved nothing better than to immerse himself in India’s “muddy waters, getting her dust between my toes.” Charles Robin Allen, born in India in the industrial city of Kanpur on January 2, 1940 and was a popular British freelance writer and popular historian from London. Both his parents were too born in India and […]

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  • Indian Cuisine

    Golden Needle and Purple Teas at Donyi Polo Tea Estate in Arunachal Pradesh

    The entire procedure of making any exotic tea is firstly to bring water to a boil and then pour it over tea leaves placed in a teapot, leaving it to sit for some two minutes and finally pouring it in cups. The reduction of temperature from the kettle to the pot and from the pot […]

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  • Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary -Tamil Nadu village that cares for birds

    There is a nip of cold in the air in Sivagangai with dark clouds coming closer and the hasty wind bringing in a shower and moistening the terracotta red earth. Situated off the Madurai-Karaikudi highway in the village Kollukudipatti is the Vettangudi Bird Sanctuary and the loud echoes of sounds made by numerous birds. Spread […]

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  • When Britons and French came to India on a bus.

    The earliest bus that brought in the first batch tourists from France to India was in 1956. This trip started from Paris and brought in French and quite possibly other Europeans too to Bombay. This journey took almost 60 days and covered around fourteen thousand kilometres.

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  • India Food Tour

    Importance of Rice in Biryani & Pullao

    In Delhi’s 14th century Feroz Shah Kotla fortress which is a reminiscence of the Tuglaq era, also known for the famous cricket stadium nearby, comes alive on Thursdays when faithful assemble to offer incense and lamps to the djinns believed to dwell here in the narrow and dark alleys of the fort in hope to […]

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  • Kashmir is architecturally outstanding too

    Kashmir in India is known as Paradise on earth as well as Switzerland of India due to its scenic and picturesque landscapes. It is even praised for its houseboats, apples, nuts, dry fruits, saffron, but no one talks much of its architecture of its heritage religious buildings.

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  • Colonial British Children brought up by Indian Ayahs

    The Ayahs or native Indian nursemaids made long sea voyages to work as house maids or as nannies for the British in the colonial era. One can still see these buildings called “Ayah’s Home” and have been shortlisted for a blue plaque, a type of inscription in London that alerts people to a place’s importance and gives an opportunity to people who are interested in history to include it in heritage walks.

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  • Indian Footprint in Italy

    The history of Naples goes back to three millennia with reminisces of Hellenic pottery left behind by its Greek founders who named the city ‘Neapolis’- meaning to say new city in Greek. Greeks had an influence on the local population  by way of  speaking Greek and contributions to Italian culture and so much inventing ‘makaria’ […]

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