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Fort Seengh Sagar – Deogarh

After much anticipation the illustrious Deogarh family have finished converting one of their forts into an exceptionally luxurious villa, and created the magical ‘Fort Seeghh Sagar’. This island fortress is truly awe-inspiring; sitting in the middle of a lake (monsoon dependent but currently surrounded by water) it can only be reached by boat (monsoon dependent, otherwise by dirt road) or by a small bridge and is set amidst a dramatic rocky landscape. Just 5 km from Deogarh Mahal and close to the ruins of the deserted village of Manpura, there are wonderful places to explore and excellent rural walking and bird watching to be done.

One of the most exciting things about this gem is that it is small enough to be rented as a ‘villa’, and works brilliantly rented out in its entirety. Guests at Fort Seegh Sagar will have full use of the facilities and services at Deogarh Mahal. The owner, Col. Randhir Singhji of Deogarh, or another member of the family will also be present to look after guests in person.

This stunning property has a central courtyard that has a small pond in the middle of it during the summer / monsoon and this becomes a delightful cosy fire to sit around during the winter. There are three large rooms – a fourth is used as an indoor sitting area but can also be converted into a comfortable extra room. Each one, named after Indian ‘raags’, has been uniquely decorated with luxuriant fabrics and bold colours – this particular combination of classic Rajasthani furnishings combined with modern designs make them the ultimate in luxury and comfort whilst retaining a typically traditional feel. All the rooms come fully equipped with mini-bars, tea and coffee machines and have air-conditioning for the summer, and heating in the winter. Each has its own bathroom as well as private balconies, which have comfortable chairs to relax in and look out across the lake at the spectacular views of the surrounding hills. This place really exudes an individual sense of tranquillity – whether you are relaxing on the terrace or on your own private balcony; the Deogarh family have managed to create a distinctively stylish and ultimately relaxing haven.

There is a cosy separate sitting area to read and relax in, and there is a large dining terrace which is open to the skies and a smaller, covered dining area which offers a blend of Indian cuisine and continental dishes and the menu can be tailor–made to suit the guest’s choice.

Fort Seeghh Sagar is fully staffed, with everything of the highest quality – from the beds, linen, toiletries and crockery to the furniture and cuisine. There is a 29” satellite TV and a DVD player.

Seeghh Sagar is for those looking for peace, comfort and tranquillity in a luxuriant setting. A highly personal place, with plenty of staff to attend to your needs at all times, whilst retaining its traditional, Rajasthani character. The perfect party venue or family holiday with every comfort you could wish for!