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Explore – set out

To pick-up this offer you need to be a total hedonist. You just book your tickets into and out of India through us. Upon arrival we meet you at the airport in any of the gateway cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Chennai, Bangalore etc., Take you to a pre-booked hotel and over a meal you discuss the map of India and decide on places to visit. The entire travel is by road, where you can experience and experiment India seeing all its facades.

We give you a chauffer driven car with road maps, guide books and a lot of survival material to complement a fully stocked car. You do not book any hotel in advance, reach your destination explore the stay options, negotiate rates and stay on. Your chauffer will do a research for routes and roads and drive you to your places of interest. It would be nice if you have an idea of the sub-continent before hand or are an ardent repeat traveller to India.

What you pay is – just for a car with unlimited travel and with no limitations of pick-up or drop-off destination. Liberty is all yours when you travel under this option, and there could be no better way to see India.