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Experiential Travel

Experiential Travel can emphasize different areas of local or social life – culinary, culture, history, shopping, nature or people occupy the center stage, when one talks of experiential travel – this actually forms the basis of a holistic travel experience and goes beyond seeing or visiting a place. The goal is to deeply understand a travel destination, its culture, people and history, by connecting with it more directly and intensely than just by superficially visiting it. Therefore we put our travellers in touch with locals who provide a first hand account and allow our guests to experience a place with the closest proximity.

We at Indian Frontiers have curated and crafted many such experiential activities all throughout India, that are on the offer by virtue of taking a tour from us and not by booking or requesting for it separately. Almost all our tour programmes are meant for discerning travellers, who yearn for more than just a holiday. Be it the culinary experience, war tour or a painting tour, all have embedded experiential elements that make our tours and offers stand apart from our competition’s.

Allow us curate an experience of your interest and choice in India….

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