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Destination Management

Destination Management at Indian Frontiers is quite different, than what it means at other DMCs in India. India is not a country, its huge, a sub-continent actually, so claiming that we are present everywhere and know every thing, is nothing short of cheating the principal tour operators. We have a strong network of regional experts and if we are not strong in a particular region, we rather claim so and introduce our principals with another regional DMC with similar philosophy and ethos. At Indian Frontiers, we offer our services to niche tour operators, who wish to have India on their programmes, but for their limited clientele or specialist themes and who understand the philosophy of exclusivity, uniqueness, personal attention and do not deal in volumes.

Be it the planning of exclusive itineraries or selection of services, we at Indian Frontiers have mastered it to perfection. Our research teams are on the move to explore the seen and unseen, experience and experiment destinations, services and products. Team Indian Frontiers carefully conceptualises each tour based on a subject and then plans with an eye to the minutest detail.

As a Destination Management Company, we at Indian Frontiers work as a White Labeled Tour Handler in India. This is quite an important issue that often tour operators and retail travel agents are tensed about. We make each of our tour white-labeled all over India as an Indian DMC representing the principal and thereby giving our principals a strong footprint in India. We strongly believe, a Principal Operator works really hard to establish its own brand and be known by their clients. White Labeling gives our partners an international status with their own virtual set-ups in India, without even asking for it.

Do contact us for B2B solutions and check with us to know, how we can help you establish your own brand in India ?