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Company Profile

Indian Frontiers is a thematic tour company that operates on a unique concept of EXPERIENCING & EXPERIMENTING – our research teams are always on the move to experience and experiment destinations, products and services before offering it to you.

Our researchers after experiencing and experimenting all the products and services, pass on the collected information and details to our planning hub, which very carefully handpicks the destinations, products and services to plan a viable tour programme (ready-made & tailor-made) to be offered to our guests.

Our guests are serious discerning travellers who look for new unexplored frontiers in India. Even the unexplored and virgin lands at Indian Frontiers are luxurious and we can still pamper our guests there.

At Indian Frontiers ‘Infinity’ is a philosophy. A philosophy where every moment is a relentless pursuit towards perfection. Where solutions never end, but evolve. Constantly changing with time, with situations, with people and with needs.

Here our flow of knowledge never stops and every moment is an opportunity to learn. We have infinite solutions to every problem and every solution is explored and re-explored to its deepest point. Indian Frontiers is a place where thoughts flow freely – mingling with even more thoughts, until ideas are born and reborn. We surpass the threshold of human performance – day after day. Quality is our benchmark and we set it higher as a record just to break our own scores.

Indian Frontiers has no boundaries. Where growth transcends time and space.


Indian Frontiers continues to be known as the premier service-oriented, high-end Destination Management Company, which puts clients first and cares about people. Our travel consultants will exceed the expectation of every traveller providing a ‘once-in-a-lifetime experience’.…‘every time’.