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Chirawa town of Jhunjhunu district in the state of Rajasthan is a well known place of Shekhawati Rajasthan, the town is situated between Jhunjhunu, Khetri and Pilani. The identity of this town is because of it’s relation with the Birlas, Dalamias, Khaitans, Poddars, Piramals, Singhanias, Goenkas, Kanodias and other rich business conglomerates of India. With the help and philanthropic work of Marwari Community, Chirawa got many colleges and schools in 1920-30s for better education of the people of Shekhawati. Chirawa College and Dalamia School are testimony to it. Chirawa is also famous for a sweet called Peda. The famous Peda shop is knowned as Lal Chand’s Peda Shop.

Chirawa has many old havelis (private mansions) such as Dalmias, Sakserias, Somanis, Jasrapuria Ki Haveli and Shrimalon Ka Mahal. There is a Jain temple situated in Shrimalon Ka Mohalla and it’s around 150 years old. Chirawa is known for its market, and is a regional hub for the majority of the economic, commercial and political activities as it is connected with the railroad lines. Its annual Gugaji Maharaj mela (festival) draws visitors from all over the Shekhawati region.