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Celebration Tours

Extraordinary Experiences, Lasting Memories – The celebration of a lifetime begins here…..

Commemorate life’s milestones with an Indian Frontiers Celebrations journey to India. From a birthday to a family reunion on the sand dunes of Rajasthan in India or on the comforting hilltops of the Himalayas, Celebration journey combines inspiring adventure and uncompromising comfort, with your wishes determining the course of every extraordinary day.

Just think of that special milestone – a birthday, anniversary, retirement or other unique occasions – that calls for the celebration of a lifetime. Let your imaginations take flight, then speak to an Indian Frontiers’ Specialist. As you describe the celebration of your dreams, your specialist answers your questions and offers the practical guidance that comes with decades of experience. Extraordinary meals, one-of-a-kind accommodations and access to people and places rarely glimpsed by the public: your Specialist sees to every detail necessary to create the perfect celebration holiday.

Reunions to Remember
Travel introduces us to new people and places – and reintroduces us to ourselves. What better way to strengthen the bonds of family and friendship?

Make a Wish: Birthday Celebrations in India
Like travel, birthdays bring wisdom and the opportunity to reflect – and indulge. Give a gift to yourself or plan the perfect surprise with an Indian Frontiers birthday celebration.

The Journey Is the Reward: Incentive Travel to India
Recognize decades of loyal service or inspire a team to achieve a lofty goal with the greatest reward in the world: a fun and enriching Celebrations journey with Indian Frontiers.

Just the Two of Us: Romantic Retreats in India
Celebrate your love with an unforgettable journey for two, whether the honeymoon that inaugurates your life together or a romantic holiday just because.

Paper, Crystal, Silver & Gold: Anniversaries in India
You know each other better than anyone else in the world… but there’s always more to discover. Take an anniversary journey and celebrate the years gone by, and rediscover each other afresh.

Give Someone The World – Give the Gift of Travel to India
Travel is the perfect gift, and Indian Frontiers makes giving it a pleasure. You can gift tours to choose your budgets and inclusions to your loved ones or make them travel with you to far off destinations in the Indian Sub-continent. Each service you avail, would be gifted with your compliments, specially designed paging boards, car danglers, ticket & travel voucher jackets all will make the gift so very special and enriching lifetime experience.