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December 10, 2015


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Chandannagar or formerly called as Chandernagor in French, is a former French Colony located about 35 km north of Kolkatta, in West Bengal, India. The name of Chandernagor is said to have been derived from two words – Chand, which means moon and Nagar in English means city. The place was famous for its trade and business in Sandal Wood wherein Sandal in Bengali means Chandan and the same is said to have been evolved as the name of the city. Located on the Hooghly River, the city is well connected to Kolkatta by railways, roadways and river. The French.....Read More


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Kakinada, once known by the name of Kakinandivada, is a city in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Regarded as the 4th most populous city of the state, it was once called by the Dutch settlers as Co-canada. The city is famous for the Kakinada Port located about 170 km south of Visakhapatnam. The port is huge and comprises of Kakinada Anchorage Port, Kakinada Deep Water Port, Kakinada Fishing Harbour and Ship-Breaking Unit, of which, Kakinada Anchorage Port has a century long tradition. Whereas, Kakinada Deep Water Port is an all-weather deep port, and the channel has a depth of.....Read More


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The city of Visakhapatnam, also known as the ‘Jewel of the East Coast’, is the largest city in terms of area and population in the Indian State of Andhra Pradesh. Primarily industrial, the city is home to the Eastern Naval Command. The history of this port city dates back to 6th century BC wherein it was considered to be the part of Kalinga region, under the rule of Ashoka and later by the Andhra Kings of Vengi. Thereafter, the city, named after the God of ‘Valor-Vishakha’, was ruled by the Pallava’s and Eastern Ganga Dynasties during medieval times. Visakhapatnam became.....Read More


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Karaikal, located about 140 km south of the city of Pondicherry or Puducherry, is a small coastal society that was formerly a part of French India. One of the four regions of the Union Territory of Pondicherry in India, Karaikal is known all over the country for its religious heritage and unique temples and shrines. A temple devoted to Lord Saneeswara (Lord Saturn) at Thirunallar, two famous shrines – Velankanni for Christians and Nagore for Muslims are prominent attractions for devotees coming from all over Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. The Karaikal, including the fort of Karakalcheri and 8 dependent villages,.....Read More


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Cuddalore, derived from Koodalur, which means confluence in Tamil, is a town in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The town is said to have been ruled by the Pallavas and Medieval Cholas. Thereafter, the control of the town passed through various dynasties like Pandyas, Vijyanagar Empire, Madurai Nayaks, Thanjavur Nayaks, Thajavur Marathas and Tipu Sultan. The French and the British is said to have visited the town in 1600 with the intension of establishing a settlement at Ponidcherry and at Cuddalore respectively. However, during the Seven Year’s war, the Battle of Cuddalore took place near Cuddalore in between.....Read More


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Affectionately known as Pondy or Puducherry, Pondicherry is the regional capital and largest city of the Union Territory of India, rather than a state. Historically known as Pondicherry, the territory changed its official name on 20th September 2006 to Puducherry, which is a Tamil name meaning “New Town”. The city was formed out of four exclaves of former French India (1815 – 1954). The history of Puducherry goes back to the excavations at Arikamedu that endorsed the arrival of Romans to this town around 1st Century AD for trade (dyed textiles, pottery and semi-precious stones), the findings of which are.....Read More

July 20, 2015


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Konark, famous for the historical Sun Temple, is a small town located on the coast by the Bay of Bengal in the Puri district of Odisha state. It is about 70 Kilometers from the state capital, Bhubaneshwar. The town is famous for the Sun Temple built in 13th Century, during the reign of Narasimhadeva-I. Enlisted as a World Heritage Site, the Sun Temple houses a gigantic chariot of Surya, the Sun God, with twelve pairs of ornamented wheels, few of them 3 meters wide, pulled by seven horses, six of the seven horses stand even today. This temple, which is.....Read More

July 18, 2015


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Nagpur is the seat of the annual winter session of the Maharashtra state assembly, "Vidhan Sabha". It is a major commercial and political centre of the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. In addition, the city derives political importance from being the headquarters for the Hindu nationalist organisation RSS. The city was founded by the Gonds and later became a part of the Maratha Empire under the royal Bhonsale dynasty. The British East India Company took over Nagpur in the 19th century and made it the capital of the Central Provinces and Berar. After the first reorganisation of states, the city lost.....Read More


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Chikhaldara is a Hill Station in Amravati district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Featured in the epic of the Mahabharata, this is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley. It thus came to be known as Keechakadara - Chikhaldara is its corruption. But there's more to Chikhaldara. The sole hill resort in the Vidarbha region, it is situated at an altitude of 1118 m with highest vairat point 1188m and has the added dimension of being the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. It abounds in wildlife -.....Read More


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Akola is a city in Vidarbha region in the state of Maharashtra in central India. It is about 584 km east of state capital Mumbai. Akola District along with the rest of the Berar province was part of the legendary kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata. Barar also formed part of the Mauryan Empire during the reign of Ashoka (272 to 231 BCE). Berar later came under the rule of theSatavahana dynasty (2nd century BCE–2nd century CE), the Vakataka dynasty (3rd to 6th centuries), the Chalukya dynasty (6th to 8th centuries), the Rashtrakuta dynasty (8th to 10th centuries), the.....Read More
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